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Sensei James Atkin-Wagg 5th Dan - Chief Instructor

“I began my journey in karate in 1994 at Hollies Karate Club in Ipswich under Sensei Mick De’ath (K.U.G.B). Within the KUGB I trained with many of the well known Sensei in Shotokan Karate, including Sensei Keinosuke Enoeda 9th Dan. I achieved my Black Belt in December 1999. I started my own club when I moved to Norwich, named ‘The Dragons’. Then, in 2002, I met Sensei Ivor Garner and decided to merge The Dragons with East Coast Shotokan Karate Club.

I gained my 2nd Dan in April 2005 under Sensei Ivor Garner, and my 3rd Dan in April 2008. In September 2012, I was awarded my 4th Dan with NAKMAS in recognition of my commitment to teaching and training.

In November 2017 I gained my 5th Dan and have since become the Chief Instructor of East Coast Shotokan Karate. I continue to spread the love and joy of karate through teaching and training.

James Atkin-Wagg East Coast Shotokan Karate Club Instructor
Billy Suffling 4th Dan - Club Secretary

“I am married with two children, three grandchildren, and soon to be 4 great grandchildren.

I started karate in 1992, training under Sensei John Causer 5th Dan, and Sensei Paul Gant 4th Dan, at the Shotokan Karate Systems Club in Norwich. I achieved my 1st Dan in 1998 under the chief examiner, Richard Rushmere 6th Dan. I was awarded my 2nd Dan in 2005 by Sensei John Causer 5th Dan, via NAKMAS (the National Association of Karate and Martial Arts Schools) for my services to karate.

Since the year 2000 I’ve been training with East Coast Shotokan Karate Club under Sensei Ivor Garner 6th Dan and Sensei James Atkin 5th Dan, where I became the club secretary in 2000 and an instructor in 2001.

On 17th November 2012 I was put though my paces with great pain and determination to achieve my 3rd Dan. Then in November 2017 I was awarded my 4th Dan for my continued commitment and dedication to East Coast Shotokan Karate Club”

Sensei Ivor Garner 6th Dan - Club Founder and Retired Chief Instructor

"I started karate with Norwich Karate Club in 1973 at the age of 15. The club was associated to Shotokan Karate International (SKI). The chief instructors at this time were Sensei Hirokazu Kanazawa, 7th Dan and Sensei Shiro Asano, 6th Dan. All my Kyu grades were taken under Sensei Asano. Then on 29th August 1980, after a grueling 3 day course at Nottingham University, I achieved my Shodan. I then achieved my 2nd Dan on 13th November 1982 under Amateur Martial Arts Association (AMA), my 3rd Dan on 19th May 1990 under Sensei R. Rushmere 5th Dan, my 4th Dan on 26th October 1994 under AMA Executive and my 5th Dan on 14th May 2006 with NAKMAS.

Sensei Ivor Garner East Coast Shotokan Karate Norwich
Sensei Ivor Garner East Coast Shotokan Karate Norwich

I became chief instructor of Norwich Karate Club in 1980 at 1st Dan and changed the name to East Coast Shotokan Karate Club, the name that still stands to this day. Over the years, I have been lucky enough to train with many top Japanese instructors in Shotokan, and alongside Aidan Trimble, Terry O'Neil, Vince Morris, Paul Mead, and many more. I still travel throughout the UK and Europe, training and teaching alongside some of the great names in Karate today.

In September 2012, I was awarded my 6th Dan with NAKMAS in acknowledgement of my commitment and dedication to Karate and passing on my expertise to my students."

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