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The benefits of Karate training are:

Physical Health

Mental Health

Self Confidence







Self Esteem

Self Defence


Character Building

Karate training at East Coast Shotokan Club is suitable for all ages 6 years old and above. It promotes good fitness and health as well as promoting a good respect and disciplined approach to life in and out of the Dojo (training hall). Check out our FAQs.

New members are shown a warm welcome and the FIRST MONTH IS FREE, to enable you to get a true feeling of the art and our club. There's no pressure from the start. Just come along in loose clothing and give it a go.

Our instructors have experience teaching at many levels and all hold enhanced DBS certificates. We are also part of the NAKMAS Safe Kids Campaign (click here for more information).

None of our instructors take any payment for teaching and the club is entirely non-profit making. This enables us to fund events and courses through the club and provide training equipment at a low cost.

Children can benefit immensely from karate training. They will learn discipline, respect, good manners, concentration and balance, which would improve performance at school, as well as making friends in the friendly atmosphere of the club.

Please note that an annual fee of £15 is required to cover the cost of the licence, which is essential to your insurance during training. However, this is included in the cost for those who sign up to standing order.

We normally recommend that one month's training should be completed before the purchase of the Gi (training uniform). After that the purchase can be arranged with our club secretary, Billy at the following prices:

Children's basic Gi:         £20

Adult's Basic Gi:              £25 

Got a question? Don't hesitate to CONTACT US and we will answer any queries you have!

**Existing grades will be recognised upon transfer to our club.

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£20 a month


£33 a month

Junior (Up to 17 years)




£17 a month


£27 a month

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