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Etiquette and standards of behaviour are very important in our Karate club.

The dojo is the Japanese name for the ‘place of training’.

The correct dojo etiquette must be preserved at all times.

×      Bowing upon entering and leaving the dojo

×      Bowing to your instructor and more senior grades

×      No talking inside the dojo, unless otherwise instructed

×      No talking once the lesson has begun

×      No jewellery to be worn (wedding rings may be covered with tape)

×      Students must have clean and short finger and toe nails

×      Students must ensure their gi (suit) is clean, tidy and respectable

×      Students must try and arrive 10 minutes prior to the lesson start

×      All fees are paid before or promptly after training

×      Attendance cards must be signed by an instructor before or after training

×      No food or drink in the dojo

×      Respect for other students at all times

×      Decorum should be preserved at all times

Students need to have the responsibility to behave in a manner which maintains and enhances the reputation of the dojo and its members. They must refrain from any forms of behaviour that may reflect badly on themselves, fellow students or instructors.

Dojo Kun

Along with the above points, we also observe the Shotokan Dojo Kun (or Shotokan training hall rules). These are 5 guiding principles devised many years ago by Shotokan founders. These are recited in Japanese after every lesson at East Coast Shotokan Karate.

Dojo Kun
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