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  • All gradings are officiated by high ranking black belt officials.

  • All students are being assessed at all times (not just in the grading).

  • Kyu gradings must have a minimum of 3 months between each grading.

  • Students must have taken the required amount of lessons and have a good attendance record to be eligible to grade. This is shown by individual attendance cards, which must be signed at every class by an instructor.

  • Students who are 1st Kyu must have a minimum of 6 months before undertaking their 1st Dan grading. This time is extended to 2 years between 1st Dan and 2nd Dan, and 3 years between 2nd Dan and 3rd Dan, etc.

  • Students should be mindful of their etiquette to other students/instructors and their Sensei.

  • Students must show good spirit and control of their techniques at all times.

  • All students must be eligible to grade by holding a licence from ECSK National Governing Body, NAKMAS.

  • The decision of accept/decline to students in their grading is at the discretion of the Sensei and the grading panel officers.

  • On the grading day, all those who are grading must stay to the end to find out the result.

  • Photos are taken at events and in class for souvenir and website purposes, however forms can be given by the club secretary if parents do not wish their child under the age of 18, to be photographed.

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